The Rig, O1

2023 — 2023 AI, Loss, Politics

The Rig, 01 is a mixed media and video, exploring a futuristic world in which the narrator, voiced by the myself, has overtaken an abandoned oil rig and reclaimed it as her new home. This world is one where climate change has accelerated, impacting Louisiana, my and the narrator’s home state. Louisiana, like many states along the Gulf of Mexico has an economy deeply intertwined with and dependent upon oil and petroleum services, even as that industry ravages the environment. Many small scale oil rigs dot swamps and the Gulf of Mexico, with many being ‘abandoned’ or closed by the companies, but still remain physically. In generating the videos and images used in this project, I found an abandoned oil rig near New Orleans, which serves as the rig in this video. In this video, I grapple with both grief and hope, situating resiliency, with nature retaking the oil rigs in the video, along with a barrel yielding magnolias, the flower of Louisiana. 

This has been installed in VR for the Catalyst show with Epoch Gallery and Honor Fraser and at the security conference, Def Con, both in 2023.