Selected Writings and Videos 

Here are some of the selected articles and videos I have created over the past few years. Most of these articles cover design, privacy, artificial intelligence, online harassment and critical design. These articles often cover the ethical design, policy and transparency around the above topics. My work is as an activist and a researcher.

NowThis on Encryption and Surveillance.

This is part of a video series I did with NowThis media on the background behind the FBI wanting Apple to build a back door into their phones.

How Periscope Can Redesign it's Interface to Mitigate Harassment.

A critique on the UX design of Periscope and how certain changes can miminize harassment within the app.

Privacy Rules!

An privacy and Op Sec guide written for Rookie readers on why digital security is important, at all ages.

Gamergate is going after SXSW panels: how ‘the downvote’ gives power to the mob.

A design critique I wrote on how the interaction of a 'down vote' creates hegeomonic spaces and facilitates harassment. 

Can Design Make the Commenting Sections Nicer?

This article, published for the Coral Project, explores the design differences imparted by RookieMag and Breitbart and how their commenting sections function from those design and policy choices. 

That Time the Internet Sent a SWAT Team to my Mom's House

A narrative essay I wrote recounting online harassment I had faced against my activism and research.

An Illustrated Guide to Trolling.

An updated trolling taxonomy and matrix covering humor, online harassment and politics; inspired by Whitney Phillip's book "This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things." 

I Was on One of Those Canceled SXSW Panels.

A personal essay, published for Slate, on what really happened with my panel on online harassment for SXSW being cancelled due to harassment. 

In Defense of Stupid Bots

An article for New York Magazine on why do we create bots that try to be human, instead of trying to create bots that do what bots do well, data processing, image processing, and other 'bot like' autonomous behavior.

Microsoft's Tay is an Example of Bad Design.

A technical critic I wrote of how bad artificial intelligence design led to Microsoft's Tay 'learning' how to be racist.

I Spent the Last Six Months Planning My Online Death.

I spent six months researching what happens to my social media accoutns post mortem and planning my own digital death for Fusion.