Oil, 01

2019 — Current Data

This is a series of sketches exploring oil and energy processing plants. “Oil, 01″ is part of a larger series of works of photographic images and sketches as meditations on energy systems, and infrastructure. By photographing the physical targets of malware, the artist aims to illustrate the human sides of targets, infrastructure and energy in our lives. The first series of images focused on oil, oil infrastructure, refineries and water processing plants photographed in her hometown of New Orleans, La, with a second set of images focused on energy processing plants in Berlin (where she currently resides). The image series “Oil, 01” then takes these photographs and subverts them, by running the images through computer vision systems and then altering the images to make the images less readable by machines.  An iteration of this project has been installed at the Museum of Malware during DefCon 2019.