Higher Resolutions

2019 — 2019 Data, Feminism, Politics, Privacy

Higher Resolutions made with Hyphen Labs as the lead artists for the Tate Exchange at Tate Modern. “Higher Resolution”, which ran for two weeks in September 2019, used interactive artwork, talks from international technology experts, and hands-on workshops to examine the state of power and privacy online — from widespread surveillance, to how AI is shaping human culture and relation- ships, to the threats emerging technology can pose to human rights. Artists and speakers hail from Amnesty International, Change.org, the BBC, the Carnegie Trust, and other international organizations. The two weeks of programming unfold in a unique physical space designed to mimic the different layers of privacy we toggle between online as well as a floor schematic highlighting privacy concerns in our everyday lives. There’s the program’s Town Hall, an analog of Twitter; the Park Bench, an analog of Facebook; the Living Room, an analog of WhatsApp; and the Loo, an analog of intimate text conversations. There are also art installations that spotlight the perils of modern technology like facial recognition, website tracking, and harmful content recommendation algorithms. Within the exhibit, participants could vote on a feature to ban, ‘tear off truisms’ describing surveillance capitalism, close up of the floor schematic, the physical structures, the voting wall (again), and a close up of the floor schematic. We also co-wrote an essay about the exhibition for the website, Are.na.

A diagram of our floor schematic for the floor vinyls and layout of the “Higher Resolutions” installation at Tate Modern’s Tate Exchange.