Emotional Labor Wage Calculator

2023 — 2023 Abuse, Data, Politics, Uncategorized

In 20223, I launched a new ‘node’ of TRK, called “Emotional Labor Wage Calculator”, a part of the Unproductive Solutions project. This project focuses on the labor of food delivery workers and drivers, and aims to calculate the actual cost and time of delivering food, navigating digital maps to find hidden homes and dealing with impatient and impossible customers. This service is often under-tipped and undervalued. The project “Emotional Labor Wage Calculator” takes the form of a start up’s customer service call line, where I perform a human calculator, and tell consumers what the true cost of a tip should be.

Interested in learning more? The first two weeks of February 2023, you can participate in the project itself. Sign up via Unproductive Solutions to learn more.