CAre B0t

2019 — 2019 Abuse, Loss, Privacy, Social Networks

In December 2019, Alex Fefegha (developer and artist) and myself created the CAre B0t as an extension of the Social Media Break Up Coordinator project for the Web Residencies with Akademie Schloss Solitude. The bot  is designed to respond to questions and care for the victim as well as a series of open source best practices, guides, and what to do when facing a variety of online harassment. Social Media Break Up Coordinator itself was a response to the complex feelings and anxieties that every day social media users have about often weird, strange, anxious and traumatic interactions we have online. Online is as real as the offline world, and the kinds of small, medium and large traumas we encounter in our day to day lives exist online as well. This bot is an artistic intervention bot. The bot isn’t designed to be used in place of a therapist or a security expert but instead the »Care Bot« is an artistic intervention showing exactly how painful and uncaring the policies and procedures are for victims when reporting harassment and mitigating harassment. The dialogue of the bot itself is designed to reflect these intense emotional hardships that victims face. An example of the dialogue is »even in reporting online harassment it still may not be viewed as harassment but I believe you and I’m sorry this is our system.« Or »let’s focus on what you need to feel and be safe« or »sometimes going private can help lessen the harassment.«

The link for the CAre B0t web page is here.

The project page for Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Web Residencies.

An image of the chat bot conversation tree I designed
A close up of the chat bot conversation tree I designed