Between Systems and Selves

2020 — 2019 Data

“Between systems and selves” is a series of plexiglass sculptures. This piece was made as a part of the European Commission’s SciArt residency that places scientists and artists together. This was made in collaboration with the cyber security unit at the European Commission’s joint re- search center in Ispra, Italy with scientific collaborators Stephane Chaudron and Henrik Junklewitz.

Inspired by the work of Alexander Calder and Giorgia Lupi, “between systems and selves” is a series of poetic sculptures designed to make malware and algorithms human readable. So much of code plays with literal human words but uses technical processes that are hard to describe. Malware, much like algorithms, is an extremely technical concept that affects every person. Malware viruses are pieces of code designed to exploit, hurt, and target systems- these systems are often things like critical infrastructure or factories (such as the Stuxnext virus) or targeting open wifi on IOT devices to take down websites like Netflix, Facebook, and others (such as the Mirai botnet). Some of these viruses then have adaptations that create new malware viruses (such as Mirai). Hanging from the ceiling, and rendered in transparent and blue colorings, these 50 sculptures representing 50 different malware files, are fluid mobiles.